Mark face

Mark needed some new press stuff, so I dug these out from last year's tour and scanned them. I like.


Neck deep

Editing, editing, editing. Lots of work to wade through and make comprehensible, somehow. Not leaving this flat until it's done. Then, THEN, oh the posts, they will fly.


Back home. Sweet, sweet home.

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 2,146 miles. 12 cities. 11 people (fluctuating number). 10 shows. 1,545 photos. Dozens of lessons learned. Not the least of which - you can eat a kiwi fruit like an apple. Skin and everything! So rewarding! Also, candied ginger does a reasonably good job of stimulating alertness when driving. 

Again I have to reiterate how wonderful all of these people were, and how thankful I am they allowed me to tag along, stick cameras in their faces at all times of the day, and let me be part of their lives for a little while. I'd do it again in a second.

This before and after photo makes me happy:


And this lovely photo will serve as my resume for any more touring work. Thanks Foon!

Right, so as I process and scan and post all of the stuff I shot, I'll be updating with other things until I figure out exactly what to do with all of this work. Apparently a magazine already wants to publish a few as a 'tour diary' of Woodpigeon. Neither Mark nor I am super stoked on how they lay out the tour diary stories in their publication, but we'll see if we can't work something out. 

Check out the sweet family group landmark shot we took in Brussels!




A trip to Brussels in May

I'm taking a trip to Brussels on May 8th. Woodpigeon european vacation 2010

A trip to Paris in May

I'm taking a trip to Paris on May 7th. Woodpigeon european vacation 2010