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In April I went to Vancouver to shoot for a week. These my boys right here.



Made these today. I admire them but also I am kind of grossed out by them. (click for bigger)


Because they are photos of my laptop screen.


My morning.



Das Battles.

A friend of mine was going to be interviewing Battles for a magazine he works with, and knowing I am a giant nerd about them, generously asked if I wanted to come along. I said I would bring my camera. He said that would be ok. And now here is my first German print job. By the way, we live in Berlin now.



London Videofilms.

Late last year I was able to shoot Mark (Woodpigeon) and Louise Hull (The Pins) performing a few songs on location at an unused elementary school. The building is part of a project London has put in place that houses people in non-functioning buildings as a sort of scarecrow for squatters. We were put in touch with a guy who lives and works out of this ENTIRE elementary school where he pays next to nothing in exchange to keep the place secure. It was super cool, and we were able to get some sweet sweet sounds out of these two talented people. 

I shot it all on a 7D with a shoulder mount follow focus rig, and sound was handled with a seperate unit boomed by the up-for-anything Miss Coe. We basically just stood there in awe listening to Mark and Louise, trying to keep our camera and boom pointed in generally the right direction.

Three songs came out of the shoot, unfortunately Louise's song had some problems (totally on my end) that I hope to figure out really soon. Vimeos below or if you prefer youtube, Say Say Say, Orphan Girl, True Love